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Paper coating grade calcined kaolin

1. Main properties and features

Chemical substanceskaoin / calcined
Appearancewhite powder
Packing25kg woven bag/ kraft paper bag, 1000kg sack
Main featureslow particle size, high whiteness, goood fluidity, goood surface smoothness, high luster, good absorption of printing ink, good hiding power
Range of applicationUsed in paper making coating.

2. Quality Index

NO.ItemUnitPhysical Index
2325-mesh Residue on sieve%%£¼0.004≤0.005
3Refractive index%1.621.62
4Water content%£¼0.5£¼0.5
5pH-value of aqueous suspension 6.5-7.26.5¡«7.2
6Oil absorption(depend on different fineness)%g/100g60±560±5
7£¼2um content%≥90±2≥78

3. Chemical Index